Secure in Heart

secureinheart_cover_miniIn these pages, Robin Weidner walks gently, yet boldly into the heart of a woman. She helps answer the questions that lie often hidden beneath every woman’s story, regardless of age, culture or spiritual background:
Am I enough? Who can I count on? Will I be rescued? Will I be successful? Who will protect me? What will others think of me? Will I be alone? Will I find unfailing love?

For each of these questions, Robin shows how to identify Satan’s false securities and then how to overcome them by applying God’s word. Through stories from her life and the lives of others, she brings to light this often hidden struggle and helps women find the security that is God’s gift to his daughters. This edition includes an in-depth study guide, guidelines for book groups and a scripture index on insecurity.

“Groundbreaking in its vulnerability, Secure in Heart charts a path to security that women across the world are finding life changing. By taking us into her own struggles, and deep into the hearts of other women, Robin demonstrates how to translate the knowledge of God into a battle-tested security. It addresses an issue that continues to be a huge need in our culture today. You’ll want to read this book and recommend it others.” – Mitch Temple, Marriage Expert and Author of The Marriage Turnaround

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Eve’s Song

But I wondevesong_cover_minier…
Is it my song or yours?
Or so one, we cannot
Tell the difference?

It’s been a year since her son Cain killed his younger brother, Abel, and Eve is still having nightmares. Adam wants her to move on. Eve senses Jehovah is calling her to revisit her best and worst memories…to the very places she is afraid to go. But how can the mother of the dead and banished become the mother of the living?

Saint Augustine called Eve “the temptress.” Tertullian called her “the gate to hell.” This groundbreaking allegory offers another alternative—Eve, the woman who speaks to all of our sorrows.

Infused with scripture, poetry and sentiments from women of many backgrounds, Eve’s Song reaches into the deep places that we, too, are often afraid to go. You will surely find healing and hope as you uncover your own story embedded within the pages of this book!

“Every woman who has experienced grief, regret or confusion will find hope and relief in this poetic portrayal of Eve’s journey with God. I predict Eve’s Song will become a classic.” —Linda Brumley, author, My Beggar’s Purse

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Includes: Book group guide, questions for discussion and application, reading list and more!

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    • Hi Barbara! You can get Eve’s Song at IPI Books ( Also it is available on Amazon. Let me know if you have other specific questions :-) Big hugs!

  1. I received a copy of Eve’s Song at a women’s retreat that I attended this spring. I just got to read it this past week and found it hard to put it down when other things needed to be done. I come to this book with a slightly different belief system, but this book moved me in ways I can’t explain. Thank you for allowing this to be written through you. It has blessed my life in a special way. Love & Hugs,
    Elizabeth Alleyne, Nashua, NH

  2. Robin
    you are a beautiful writer and reading Eve’s song just reminded me so strongly on how much the Holy Spirit can do with the word of God for His children that He has gifted to be writers to advance the kingdom… where are your other books… I want to read more of them.

    • Thanks Rebekah! I have another book out called Secure in Heart. You can purchase it from I am writing two more books, so please stay in touch and keep reading. Big hugs to you! p.s Would love to have you put up a review of Eve’s Song on Amazon if you’d like, so that other women can find it.

  3. I saw an excerpt titled, Building a Pure Marriage, on the focus on the family site. Is this a book? Where can I find it in its entirety?

    • Sorry Terrace, it took me 3 years to find you. Yes, it is. You can find all of my books at I have two more books coming out in two months. And we are finally getting ready to update this website. Hope this helps.

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